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Fundraising is important in terms of getting a candidate’s message out as widely as possible but the critical factor in any election is how many people actually turn out to vote. Boots on the ground are a good way to interact personally but have limited reach depending on the size of the electorate you are canvassing. For a district as decentralized as CO3 the logistics of organizing and mobilizing a large enough group to make a significant difference are seemingly overwhelming.

While the parameters of using phones to get out the vote have changed throughout the years the basic strategy has if anything become more accessible and certainly far less expensive. Robocalls are widely resented and ignored but there must be some measurable benefit or they would not be so frequently used. Personal communication with a live person is far more likely to have an impact on the voter’s inclination to participate in an election, bond issue or whatever political goal is being promoted.

Although CO3 leans Republican there is a significant demographic who are displeased to say the least with the incumbent House Representative. It is difficult to imagine any rational Democrat voting to retain her and, while the Unaffiliated voters swing wingnut, there is a non-trivial number of them who would be open to voting for Adam Frisch in the 2022 midterms. How then to reach dispirited or amotivated voters in a feasible and coherent manner?

Colorado provides a list of all registered voters in the state which is available to anyone for a small fee. That list is on an optical disk with ten text files, nine of which contain records for 500,000 voters each (the tenth is split districts). Needless to say this presents challenges in terms of even viewing the content much less deriving any useful information or manipulating the data.

Although only a database in the very loosest sense of the term, and a poor one at that, the files are fairly simple to import into a spreadsheet. While still unwieldy and prone to temporarily locking up the computer the data can be filtered to provide meaningful output. By drilling down into a desired result set be it by county, precinct or any given criterion it is possible to generate usable files of a reasonable size.

That’s where MyDiskImage comes in. By selectively filtering the data I can generate a call or walk list for, say, all the Democrats in Garfield County or the Unaffiliated in Pueblo and break that down into easily digestible chunks. I can provide that information in a variety of formats which anybody could then use to help get out the vote.

For instance, I would be comfortable calling registered Democrats over the age of 50 in Glenwood Springs while another might take the challenge of younger Unaffiliated voters in Pitkin County. The limited hostility you may encounter would be offset by the positive feedback you will certainly get. Rather than simply voting in the election you could actually influence it by getting a few more people on board.

Adam Frisch needs about 10,000 votes beyond what Diane Bush garnered in 2019. Given the waning influence of FPOTUS, the reversal of Roe v Wade and revulsion with the showboat currently misrepresenting CO3 I believe that number is within reach. My Disk Image and the associated sites are my contribution to the effort.