Sample Script


Hello, my name is <> and I’m calling <registered Democrats><unaffiliated voters><> to encourage them to vote for Adam Frisch in the midterm election.



How did you get this number?

Your phone number is part of the voter registration database which is freely available from the Colorado Secretary of State. (continue)

Who do you work for?

I am a volunteer calling on behalf of Vote Sane CO3 and not affiliated with any party or candidate. You can learn more by visiting (continue)


You will be removed from this list and receive no further contact from us. (terminate)

Obscene, intoxicated or otherwise incoherent.

Thank you for your time (terminate)

I will not be voting in the midterm election.

Thank you for your time. (rebut OR goodbye)

I will be voting for Adam in the midterms.

Great! Please help spread the word to family and friends. (continue OR recruit OR goodbye)

I’m not voting for that Commie Fascist gun-grabbing lefty libtard … uh, who are you calling about again?

Terminate with extreme prejudice (kidding, just hang up)


We need a representative from our district who is representative *of* our district. The incumbent is a source of embarrassment for the good people <on the Western Slope><in Pueblo><in Four Corners><> and we deserve better. She has introduced no legislation yet votes against popular bills like the burn pit assistance for veterans. (recruit OR wrap)


Midterm elections don’t usually generate much interest however I believe the results of 2022 will have far-reaching impacts upon our district. If you would like to learn more about the issues we are facing please visit or ask me and I will be happy to discuss them with you. (continue OR goodbye)


That’s why I’m calling today, doing my part to get out the vote. Sounds like I can count on you to show up on November. Would you be interested in hearing about how you could pitch in and help?

Sure, tell me more. (pitch)

No thanks. (wrap OR goodbye)


If you would like to try making phone calls or canvassing neighborhoods please visit to learn about the opportunities available to contribute to this important cause. I can generate lists based upon the groups with whom you would be most comfortable interacting on a cold call or likely doors to knock on. If you can convince one other person to get out and vote you have just doubled your impact. If that person goes on to sway another voter who then calls someone else who may agree to participate … well, you can see how reasonable it is to get the 10,000 votes we need to unseat the incumbent.


If you would like to learn more please visit (goodbye)


Thank you for your time and have a great day.

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